Secure Event Access Tickets

SEAT's are just like paper event tickets, only digital & built with modern security technology to help both event hosts and attendees have the best experience possible. For every event, a new SEAT supply will be created with the ability of vast customization, something standard ticketing systems lack. SEAT's will not only change the way people attend events, but it will also help event hosts manage events more smoothly.

Event Attendees - Fans


Since SEAT's are made from secure, modern technology, SEAT's eliminate the ability for bots and scalpers to purchase tickets and thus drive up prices. All event SEAT's have price protection and controls, to protect attendees from experiencing price gouging.

Transparent Pricing

The days of unknown and added fees are over. When reviewing an event SEAT, the price indicated is an all-in price, which includes all taxes and fees. Even though registration requires identity verification, event attendees never have to worry about their personally identifiable information being sold. Eventador makes security a top priority, both for the system itself and user data.

Real-time Updates

One of the most exciting aspects about the Eventador Marketplace is the ability to experience event updates in real-time. If for any reason an event must be delayed or reschedule, the event hosts can send updates to all SEAT holders notifying them of any changes. In addition, there is no need to conduct another transaction to get a "new ticket," as the SEAT that was originally purchased still functions. Event hosts can also notify SEAT holders about news updates regarding the events, merchandise or sponsor offers, and a customer service messaging platform to provide feedback or answer questions.


Events go perfect with food, drinks, and some swag whether it be a jersey, band CD, or a merch t-shirt. SEAT's offer an options for a digital wallet, where attendees can load money and make seamless purchase once at the event. These purchase can include food or beverages from a concession, merchandise from a shop, or even future event SEAT's. Using the Eventador Marketplace to access your event SEAT, an attendee can make purchases without needing to worry about carrying cash or cards, simply use a smartphone.

  • Transparent Fees
  • Goodbye Bots
  • Adaptable Tickets
  • Scalper Resistant Market
  • No Personally Identifiable Data
  • Receive Tickets Immediately

Event Managers - Hosts & Venues

Traceable Ticket Supply

In most current ticketing systems, the event hosts make money when they sell tickets initially, where scalpers and bots purchase large pools of tickets and go on to resell them in the secondary market for sums much higher than face value. Event SEAT supplies are created with technology that enables every event host to monitor ticket transactions from initial sale, through the re-sale market (if re-sale is enabled), and finally back to redemption. Event security is extremely important and with SEAT technology, event hosts can know who is attending their events and when their SEAT was purchased.

Control & Customization

In life things change and in the instance that an event must be delayed or rescheduled, SEAT supplies provide the functionality to easily adjust the time or date changes to all tickets, while instantaneously notifying all SEAT holders. All the heavy lifting required to shift an event is seamlessly taken care of by the SEAT software, which means that there is no need to re-issue tickets or cancel previous tickets. For this reason, SEAT's are extremely flexible and provide a sense of insurance that if things change with an event, there will not be a huge burden placed on the event hosts.

Vendor Onboarding

Event hosts have the option to onboard different vendors that will be offering services or products during events. Onboarding a vendor allows access to the Eventador digital payment system and therefore, vendors can seamlessly engage with attendees that enabled their stored valued wallet. If a transaction is required, then a vendor simply scans the attendee's SEAT and the purchase will be processed. Upon completion, both parties receive a digital receipt and the funds are transferred from the attendee's wallet over to the vendor's wallet.

Residual Revenue

Event hosts can also earn residual income through SEAT supplies with advertising partners. SEAT's are a great way to simplify and promote product or service transaction at an event, but with SEAT advertising hosts can partner with local sponsors to offer their attendees additional deals and services, while also earning additional revenue.

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • KYC + AML Approved
  • Adaptable Ticket Supply
  • Controllable Resale Market
  • Secure Digital Wallets
  • Blockchain Transactions

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